Emergency plumbing repairs can be avoided

Clogged drains and leaky faucets can be repaired, but a schedule of regular plumbing maintenance will help limit your need for emergency plumbing services. Prevention is the key to limiting plumbing headaches, and Wehby Plumbing offers these tips and tricks to help you, the homeowner.

If your home has a garbage disposal, you can experience clogs if the equipment is not used to manufacturer’s spec. Clogs and other garbage disposal problems are easily avoided, however, with simple maintenance.

• Non-food items should never be placed in the garbage disposal. Candy wrappers, cardboard, and paper towels should be disposed of properly in the trash.

• Monitor children around garbage disposals to avoid injury, and to ensure they do not put any unwanted materials into the garbage disposal.

• Avoid trying to stuff large food items in the garbage disposal. Whole pieces of vegetables, and large fruit pits should not be put down the garbage disposal.

• When using the garbage disposal, help it along by pouring water down the drain with the waste. This can avoid simple clogs and unnecessary calls to your plumber.

Shower drain clogs are a common occurrence in any residence. Maintain your drain to avoid having to call a plumber.

• Clean your shower drain after every shower. Remove all hair and dirt from the exterior of the shower drain.

• Consider purchasing a shower strainer to place in your drain. The strainer will prevent dirt and hair from going down your drain and creating clogs.

• In the event that your drain is clogged, drain cleaner is easy to use and can be purchased in most grocery and hardware stores. However, if after using drain cleaner, your drain is still clogged, call a plumber immediately to avoid a larger and more expensive plumbing problem. Remember! Drain cleaner contains harmful chemicals and should be stored and disposed of properly!